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You are invited to Songkran Festival or Thai New Year

The Songkran festival at Wat Washington Buddhavanaram starts on Sunday, April 14, 8:00 am.

Songkran Day in Thailand: Songkran Festival is the Thai New Year’s Festival which takes place every April. It is also Thailand’s biggest and most famous water festival in Thailand. It marks the start of the traditional Thai New Year.

Songkran is derived from a Sanskrit word saṃkrānti which literally translates to “astrological passage” and means ‘passing’, ‘approaching’, ‘change’, or ‘transformation’. The official holiday in Thailand runs from the 13th up to the 15th of April but the festivities may last a week or more.

The traditional way of celebrating the water festival involves Thai people splashing water on their elders, family members, close friends, and neighbors as a way of looking for good fortune. They also visit temples and pay homage to the images of Buddha.

Video: Songkran Festival at Watwashington 2016

Video: 31st Anniversary at Watwashington, 2015


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